Additional file(s) are included when you purchase a license. Please navigate to to claim.

1, Script

For the installation of the script you will need unzip the content of the "script" folder to your server or directory.
There is an installation wizard ready to use once it's on a server. Follow the installation steps to install the script.
To access the installation wizard, simply access the site url through your browser.

Cpanel Installation

Plesk Installation

Manual Installation

For manual installation follow the steps bellow


1, Edit & configure the .env file found in your root directory. Find & edit your database credentials.
DB_HOST = Database host
DB_PORT = Database port
DB_DATABASE = Database name
DB_USERNAME = Database user
DB_PASSWORD = Database user password
Or run the command in SSH or Command-line
php artisan sandy:update_database_config


Database table migration.
Once you input your correct database credentials run the following commands in the order with SSH or in your Command-line.
php artisan sandy:database_migration

Creating user

Once the database tables has been migrated, you would need to create your default admin user. To do that do run the following command with SSH or in your Command-line & follow the steps.
php artisan sandy:create_default_user

Finish up

After taking all the steps & to cleanup the script do run the following command with SSH or in your Command-line.
php artisan sandy:installation_finish_up
All should be properly installed once you follow all the steps in installing the script manually.

2, Payments

For a manual installation of the included payment method(s) in the script, you will need to copy & unzip the payment method found the the "payment" folder to the dir "sandy/Payments" on your installed script. Now when you login & navigate to "Admin - Plugins - Payment Addon" you will find & edit the payment method(s).
Ps: you can also install the payment method from the script too. All you need to do is login as admin & navigate to "Admin - Plugins - Payment Addon" From there you can upload a zip file of any available payment method you own.

3, Elements


Login as admin and navigate to "Admin - Plugins - Elements Addon" From there upload each element zip file.

Manual Installation

Unzip each element zip file to the directory "sandy/Segment".
Note: You can only use 10 elements on a regular license.

5, Themes

Giving your users the ability to use multiple theme's. Follow the following video to use install any available theme you might have or purchased.
Note: The customization plugin is needed in order to install a theme on the admin.

Manual Installation

Unzip each theme zip file to the directory "sandy/Bio/Themes".