The customization plugin brings in useful function and features to your Rio Pages script.


Add, Remove user font's. Also have access to and choose from the available 1k google font's.


Add & Edit social fields. This is useful for those who want to add more social fields for users.


This plugin also comes with an additional 3 unique themes for your users to choose from. More theme's will be available & you can contact if you have a theme idea in mind. All theme's are made with css.
You also have the ability to modify the theme defaults and css as you wish.


In the downloaded zip file, there are two files. 1,, 2,
Note: A unique license is generated on purchase which can be used to activate the plugin in the script. This is essential to use the plugin.
You need to install the To do that you need to navigate login as admin & navigate to "Admin - Plugins - General Plugin". From there you would upload the Once done you need to add your purchase license to activate the plugin.
You need to unzip the as all the theme's are in it.
Once the customization plugin is installed, a menu Customize will show up.
Click on Customize from the admin menu & locate & click on configure on the card Themes. Once in the theme's page, you can then upload each theme zip file found in the
Last modified 1yr ago